Show jumpers sold all over the world     

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Bild in Originalgröße anzeigen The modern sale of show jumpers requires high confidence between seller and buyer. High ammounts are spent for  completely trained horses. 

For the main part you will find youngsters and offspring of our own breeding at our barn. Because of the exact knowledge of our broodmares we can provide informations about character and performance tendency.

Our marketing area outreaches the borders of Europe.

 As the distance to our clients is often very long, we make videos of every horse by request. Our youtube-channel is updated permanently. click here for you tube channel 

In addition, we can make videos of the vet check. Of course the x-rays are digital, so they can be provided to your vet on CD. Certainly you can choose the vet. Otherwise we would place an order to our vet Dr. Helmut Feigl. click here for the vet


         As foal we gave here to an auction in Germany. In 2013 she was able to qualify for the german              "Bundeschampionat".


  If you want to visit us, we would be glad to organize your stay. Bad Füssing would be perfect for a         wellness- weekend and there are accommodations near our stable. If you are interested in already       experienced horses,  we can manage a tour to the stables in the surroundings. 

Bad Füssing: For Information click here

As we are very interested in giving our horses to the best qualified hands they can find, we offer special conditons to international successful riders. We also stay in touch with the new owners of our horses and try to help with words and deeds if necessary.