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The young jumper Quantilly by Quadrigus M has a new rider. Now he is ridden by Alec Bozorgi, Illinois. Actually he jumps in Wellington. the both are trained by star coach Kevin Babington.

Quintana 57 are successfull. She won with Sarah Baz by the Desert Circuit III , California over 1.40m. Now they are champions by the Junior Jumper High classes.

Not enough luck we have had on the southerrn stallion licence show. But we have nice photos.

Jan. 2014

Gold II (Rigo) have had do it again. He wins the youngstertour in Le Mans in the middle of december.

Dec. 2013

Gold II (Rigo) by Quadrigus M. ranked on second, third and sixt place by the CSIYH* in Le Mans.

Nov. 2013       

  • We bought the third broodmare from the netherlands. Her name ist Petra by Andiamo (Animo) x Amethist. Before she goes into the sport, succesfull to 130 cm level, she get a filly. Valino. She is a great showjumper in italy (Level 140 cm).
  • The WBFSH ranking is online. We breed with 14 Stallions from the Top 100.
  • 21.000 € in the middel by the auction in Marbach in the south of germany.  Bestpreis was a young showjuming horse. The jumper by Monte Bellini goes for € 50.000 to switzerland.                                                                                   
  • The winner of the Holsteiner stallion show was: Nr. 16 Casaltino v. Casall-Carthago-Cantus. He costs € 200.000 on the auction!

Quantilly   by Quadrigus M. goes succesfull rounds by the CSI* in Odensee (Dänemark) 

Gold II by Quadrigus M are placed on three times by the  CSI* in Dunkerque (France)