Name:           Anne Tilp                                                                         Deutsche Version
  Born:             1964 in Stuttgart (Germany)
  Profession: Equine Business Manager
  Located:       Germany 94072 Bad Füssing , Bavaria 

Since i was a child, horses were my passion. Likely I got that passion from my grandfather, who bred thorougbreds. As an equine business manager I know every category of horse business. After a career in eventing, I focused on show jumping. 2003 I became self-employed and it was then, when I got the chance to fulfill my dream of horse breeding. 

Our breeding facility is located in Bavaria, more accurate in Bad Füssing, in the Rottal Bathing Triangle. Lower Bavaria has a long tradition in horse bredding, and not everywhere you can find such large grassland, that enables the young horses a good start in life. Big stallion stations are located in our vicinity. 

Our brood mare stock varies from four to eight engaged mares with their offspring. The foundation are mares from Holstein and the KWPN. The requirements of the show jumping riders are no foreign words for us, because of our closeness to the sport.